Mount kenya climbing

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  •     Ascend to Point Lenana, Mt Kenya`s trekking summit
  •     Chogoria and Sirimon routes – a full traverse of Mt Kenya
  •     One week of trekking in Mount Kenya national park
  •     Well-paced trekking itinerary with sunrise views over Africa
  •     Stunning lakeside camps on Africa`s second highest mountain

The Sacred Realm of Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest peak,after the world wide famous Kilimanjaro,It is regarded as the sacred realm of Ngai, God of the local Kikuyu people of kenya,the mountain is  known to them as the “place of light”. It’s an inspiring sight best viewed at dawn when illuminated by the sun’s early rays.
Intripid, hikkers,trekkers and climbers will be drawn to the challenging granite cliffs and volcanic rock of the snow capped peak of Mt Kenya creating a long time lovely long time memorable adventure in your entire life. For everyone else there are plenty of wonderful hill-walks through wildlife rich ranges that don’t require technical skills but still you need to be fit and in good shape for the mount kenya climbing, mount kenya trekking, mount kenya, climb mount kenya, trekking mount kenya,climbing Mount kenya, trekking Mount Kenya with Wildrace africa Kenya Budget camping safari give you the best accommodation in the region.Mount kenya region travel and adventure/visiting moun t kenya

Mount Kenya National Park is located to the east of the Great Rift Valley, about 175km North-East of Nairobi.  The ecosystem lies in Central and Eastern provinces of Kenya.  At 5,199m the mountain is the second highest peak in Africa. Mt. Kenya is an important water tower in the country.It is one of the best trekking and climbing Mountains with Biodiversity,Beauty and best scneries ever to be found on another Mountain in Africa.It Offers the most rewarding site on sunrise with views of Mt Kilimanjaro ,Kenya coast and Mt elgon at Point Lenana. climbing Mount kenya, Trekking mount Kenya, mount Kenya climbing, mount kenya trekking, mount kenya, climb mount kenya, trekking mount kenya. Mount kenya climbing, trekking mount kenya, mount kenya trekking is well planned and organize by Wildrace Africa Kenya budget Camping safari. Kindly contact Wildrace africa kenya Budget camping safari for your mount Kenya climbing, mount Kenya trekking, climbing Mount Kenya, mount kenya mount kenya climbing, mount kenya trekking, mount kenya, climb mount kenya, trekking mount kenya.Directions to mount kenya climbing, mount kenya trekking mount kenya, Roads: 175 Kms from Nairobi, the park can be reached on Nanyuki-Isiolo road via Sirimon Track or Nyeri-Nanyuki road near NaroMoru. The park is also reachable via Chogoria on the Embu – Meru road, about 150km north of Nairobi.  Activity options, Game viewing Camping, Mountain Climbing, Cave Exploration, Mount kenya Climbing, trekking Mount Kenya, mount Kenya

The second highest Mountain in Africa where you touch ice and snow on the equator offering you splendid high elevation scenery with perfect backdrop for great herds of plains game bringing you Africa at its most primal and pure nature of this sacred mountain that straddles through the equator but above all the challenge to fulfill a commitment.

Mount Kenya Climb
Mt. Kenya is a dome-shaped central volcano. It is the largest mountain in Kenya. Ten glaciers cover the volcanos peaks. The original crater on Mt. Kenya was over 20,000 ft (6100 m) high but has been heavily eroded. Most of this erosion occurred during two periods when glaciers carved much of the top of the volcano. These periods wore down the ring-like plug forming the top of Mt Kenya. In fact, almost 35% of the volcano has been worn away.
Climbing Mt Kenya is a spectacular walk up the beautiful Sirimon valley away from the main tourist route on Mount Kenya. The trek passes through a diverse range of vegetation and climate zones, from dense forest to tropical cactus plants to snow covered peaks within a relatively short distance. No technical climbing is necessary to reach Point Lenana, the “walking summit” at 16,400 ft. Descending to the base we will relax in a lodge before returning to Nairobi

Of the Mt Kenya three main peaks (Batian, Lenana and Nelion), only point Lenana can be reached by trekkers and the other two being only for technical climbers. Mount Kenya Hiking, Mt Kenya Trekking, Mount Kenya Walking, Mt Kenya trek, Mt Kenya hike, Mount Kenya, Mt Kenya Climbing Mt Kenya, Climb Mt Kenya Climb Mt Kenya..

Marangu Route

NB:Best Time to Trek Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya has several small glaciers (although fast disappearing), so it’s cold year round. At night at the higher elevations the temperature can drop as low as 14 Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius). Typically the early mornings on the mountain are sunny and dry, and clouds often form by noon. It is possible to hike Mount Kenya throughout the year but it gets more difficult during the rainy seasons from mid-March to mid-June and October to mid-December.

Mount Kenya’s Routes
Most trekking routes take 3-7 days to complete. It is highly recommended that you go on an organized trek, or at the very least contact the Mountain Club of Kenya, before you trek.

The Sirimon – Chogoria Route
The Sirimon Chogoria traverse is arguably the definitive Mount Kenya trek. Mount Kenya reaches an altitude of 5,199m, but the trekker’s peak at Point Lenana is at 4,985m. This traverse enters at the Sirimon Gate ascends up towards Point Lenana and then down the Chogoria route to the Chogoria Gate.

The Sirimon – Chogoria traverse usually takes 6 or 7 days in total. The ascent is up the scenic and relatively easy Sirimon route – the most popular route up the mountain. The descent goes down Chogoria which is unarguably the most striking on the mountain, featuring incredible sheer sided gullies, tarns and waterfalls. The route is 60km in length and includes an ascent (and descent) of 2,400m.

The Sirimon – Naro Moru Route
The Sirimon – Naro Moru traverse is the most popular route for trekkers on Mount Kenya. It owes its popularity to the steady rate of ascent (up Sirimon) and the quick descent that is possible down Naro Moru route. Whilst it doesn’t cover all the features of this beautiful mountain the route itself is very scenic passing up the sweeping Mackinder’s Valley towards Shipton’s Camp and then descending through the notorious vertical bog and dense rainforest on the Naro Moru route. The route is just under 60km in total and involves an ascent (and descent) of 2,400m.

The Burguret – Chogoria Route
The Burguret – Chogoria is an intriguing alternative traverse on Mount Kenya. The Burguret route was recently reclaimed from the forest after years of neglect. As a result it still sees very few trekkers, so this is the route if you are looking for real solitude and wild camping. Having climbed Buruguret to the trekker’s peak at Point Lenana (4,985m), the traverse follows down the most beautiful route on the Mountain, Chogoria.

The Burguret – Chogoria traverse spans a distance of 61km and going on the Burguret route is particularly tough with rough often overgrown trails.

The Timau Route

Timau is little used nowadays, and there are few facilities, little marked paths and sparse tree cover on this side of the mountain, so the ascent is mostly through wide open country.

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